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Peanuts Goodies from Hallmark – Product Review

Peanuts “A Charlie Brown Christmas” Nesting Dolls

Nothing makes my day like a little something from Hallmark! A care package arrived for me from Hallmark with lots of goodies. Inside were greeting cards, a Christmas Ornament, Christmas nesting dolls, glass tumblers and a Charlie Brown CUBEEZ. Together, we’ll take a look at these wonderful gifts.

Hallmark and Peanuts go way back to 1960’s. For around 50 years, Hallmark has been producing some of the most sought after Peanuts collectibles on the market. For more on vintage Peanuts Hallmark collectibles, be sure to check out my Hallmark Product Profile article.

Today’s Hallmark products go beyond greeting cards, ornaments and party gifts. A Peanuts collectible from Hallmark is a sure-fire way to put a smile on anyone’s face. Peanuts fans especially enjoy the wide range of holiday decorations including plushes, books and ornaments. Personally, I think today’s Hallmark designers are really creating amazing products. I never feel like they’re reusing the same old, tired clip art. Instead, the designers evolve the Peanuts characters into new looks. A favorite of mine is the vintage looking products using artwork styles from the 1960’s and 1950’s. The color schemes go beyond the traditional primary colors for cartoon characters and instead use a softer color palette that blends better with contemporary decor. This goes back to Charles Schulz’s view that the Peanuts comic strip is not for kids, but rather speaks to truths that adults embrace.

Greeting cards are the first thing I think about with Hallmark. If you get a Snoopy card that goes beyond the ordinary, you can be sure there’s an Hallmark gold crown on the back. My favorite of the three has to be the Lucy “Queen of Everything” card. I think we all know someone who could go by this title in our lives. What better way to say it then with Lucy! This card is also 3-D, with the ribbon on the front of the card being in two pieces for real pop! I love the glitter accents on the flowers, crown and ribbon. Plus, the embossed gold accents on the border and ribbon really set off this card. Continuing to the inside, the gold accents continue with a photo of Lucy and the repeated design on the interior. The attention to detail on the card is beautiful. The other two cards show the same attention to detail, just the thing to show someone you care.

The second cornerstone of Hallmark is their yearly assortment of Christmas ornaments. This year’s eye catcher has to be the new 50th Anniversary of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” ornament. It features Snoopy and Woodstock on his doghouse decorated in lights. The piece is made in white porcelain with stunning gold accents and white glitter snow on the base and roof. Hallmark has also produced a set of Peanuts nesting dolls to commemorate the TV special. The hand-painted wooden dolls feature Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy, Woodstock, and the sad, little, Christmas tree.

Finally, we have a few products that say “I love Peanuts” everyday! Charlie Brown and Linus are getting up to their usual hi-jinks on this Peanuts glass tumbler set. The pair features a 1950’s style design with boomerang accents and retro color scheme. Hallmark also carries a matching pair with Lucy and Snoopy.

A Charlie Brown CUBEEZ is just what you need to store the little things in life. The metal box features Charlie Brown’s face on one side with his classic zig-zag shirt pattern on the others. The CUBEEZ clicks shut to keep your goodies safe inside and the lid can be put on easily because of its square shape. Snoopy, Franklin, Lucy, Pigpen and Woodstock are also available as CUBEEZ.

The best way to get your Hallmark Peanuts goodies is to go to your local store, or shop online at Follow the Facebook page to see my trips to my local store. Plus, be sure to follow the Youtube channel for video of Peanuts animated plush and other collectibles from Hallmark.

Disclaimer: Hallmark provided the samples for free. The review was my own opinion of the items. If you have any questions about the product or reviews, please let me, Caren, know at

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