For Sale – Peanuts Decor for your Home

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Let the breeze make you a beautiful symphony of sound! Snoopy and Woodstock wind chimes will bring you sweet melodies from nature. Choose from three designs, available in our online store. Featured here is Snoopy the Flying Ace soaring through the skies on his red, white and blue American patriot doghouse! Shop Peanuts Wind Chimes…

There’s more vintage Peanuts collectibles to add to your collection this week! Keep your loved ones close with Snoopy and Woodstock Picture Frames. Light up your nights with the friendly glow of Snoopy and Woodstock Night Lights, Switch Plates, and a Lamp. Time for fun with Snoopy clocks from Equity. Let the sunshine on vintage Snoopy and Woodstock stained glass window clings from Aviva.

Peanuts Finds from eBay

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