Peanuts Holiday Card Exchange


Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang have long been a cornerstone of Christmas for many families. Join in the celebrations of Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other traditions that bring families and friends together across the world. Sign-up for our Peanuts Holiday Card Exchange to meet a fellow Peanuts fan. You’ll be paired with a pen pal to exchange your shared love of Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang.

Exchange details:

  • By November 28, you will receive your pen pal info via email. This will contain their name, mailing address, email address, favorite Peanuts characters and other information your pen pal has shared.

  • Send an email to your pen pal and get to know them. Included in your pen pal info will be a fun conversation starter.

  • Send a greeting card to your Pen Pal, the earlier, the better. If you’d like to send more than just a card, I leave that entirely up to you.

  • The Holiday Card Exchange is open to everyone! We’re opening this up to fans across the world, so just be aware of the possible added postage. In the United States, it’s about $1.50-$2.00 to send a regular sized card overseas.

  • The Christmas season is different things to different people. Our exchange is about bringing a community together and meeting new people. Everyone is welcome. Cards do not need to be holiday related.

  • Be sure to add to your safe-sender list.

  • Share your experience or card you received on our Facebook page or Instagram @collectpeanuts!

Pen Pals Exchange Terms & Conditions

“By signing up to participate in the Pen Pals Exchange, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Condition 1: Have fun and make it fun for your pen pal!

  • Condition 2: Be understanding! If your exchange is one-sided, remember things sometimes happen in people’s lives. There’s always next time.

  • Condition 3: Any emails and gift exchanges are entirely up to the pen pals. Caren Pilgrim and cannot be held accountable for any damages or fees.

  • Condition 4: For adults over 18. If you are under 18, please get permission from your parent or guardian.

  • Condition 5: If you have not supplied a valid mailing address or email address, you may not receive a partner for the exchange.

  • Condition 6: If for some reason you cannot participate, please let me know immediately. I’m not going to judge, just going to make things work out for the best.

Failure to comply with these terms and conditions is grounds for dismissal from future Pen Pals Exchanges.”

Sign-up for the Holiday Card Exchange

Please sign-up by November 19, 2018.

Feedback Welcome! Help us make this program better with your feedback. Email Caren at Give a little back this holiday season by supporting this site and future Pen Pal Exchanges.

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