Raincoat Snoopy Bank

Vintage Peanuts Banks

Save up for a rainy day with vintage Peanuts Banks! Snoopy, Belle and Woodstock will keep your change safe. Find them in our shop. Plus, special savings for Patreon supporters. Read More...
Peanuts 'Joy' Christmas Figurine

Peanuts Holiday Decor

Give your house a festive twist with Peanuts holiday decor! Snoopy, Charlie Brown and friends are coming to bring joy to your family and friends, available in our shop. Read More...

Peanuts fans love to be surrounded by their favorite Peanuts characters. Check out our online shop filled with Charlie Brown and Snoopy home decor for sale. You’ll find Peanuts banks, decorative flags, figurines, musicals, and more for your Snoopy room.