Snoopy Christmas Puzzle by Springbok

I want my Christmas to look just like this! This Snoopy Christmas Puzzle by Springbok was made in 1988 by Hallmark. The mint in the package beauty is a steal at just $26. You can find out where I saw it on the Patreon post.

What I Love – First, this adorable scene playing out before our eyes incorporates eight Snoopy dolls by my count. Setting this all up and getting the plushes to look “life-like” without strings or whatever showing must have been quite the feat. Photoshop would have been in its infancy at this time. Consequently, it would have taken a lot of time to retouch this scene with so many elements. Three cheers for photographers, Betsy Gantt and John Zaiger!

Second, this Snoopy Christmas Puzzle a joy to build. Puzzles like this get a person involved. You can stare at it for a bit and still miss hidden visual treasures. When you start to build it, that’s when you really get an appreciation for all the little touches the artists put into this scene.

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