Snoopy Easter Party

The Easter Beagle is coming to town, Charlie Brown! Prepare your celebration with Snoopy Easter party supplies, toys, crafts and more from Oriental Trading Company. Welcome the Easter Beagle with yard signs, flags and garland. Search under bushes and in the tree tops for Snoopy Easter eggs filled with Peanuts toys. Gather your eggs in Snoopy pails and bags. Decorate your home with DIY craft kits including welcome signs, picture frames, and pillows. After all that fun, sit down to a lovely lunch with Snoopy Easter party plates, cups and tablecloths. Spend the afternoon eating candy and playing with Snoopy toys including erasers, crayons, gliders, keychains and more! Start planning your party with Snoopy Easter goodies at The Oriental Trading Company. (affiliate links) Thanks for your support!

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