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Peanuts & Snoopy Coo’nuts

While looking around for new Peanuts products to feature, I came across these delightfully fun toys from Japan called Coo’nuts. The 2″ peanut-shaped dolls wobble around. They remind me of Weebles, the toy that wobbles without falling down. The Peanut Coo’nuts originally come in blind bags with a piece of candy. When in the original package, you won’t know which one you’re getting. However, buying online makes it easy to get the ones you want. Bandai, the manufacturer, has released three series of the Peanuts & Snoopy Coo’nuts. The first series features the basic Peanuts characters. The following second series has Baseball and Daisy Hill Puppies dolls. Finally, the third series features Snoopy personalities and some rare characters like Peggy Jean and Violet. Each series has 16 styles of Peanuts characters.

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