Snoopy with Pumpkin Halloween Plush

Snoopy Halloween Treats

Snoopy’s up to his old trick n’ treats! Join the Peanuts gang for a Halloween celebration with toys, decor, party supplies and more available in our shop.
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Hang Gliding Snoopy - Snoopy's Daredevil Flyer

Hang Gliding Snoopy

Soar through the sky on a beautiful day with hang gliding Snoopy! The vintage 1970’s Snoopy’s Daredevil Flyer toy is available in our shop.
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Charlie Brown Anniversary - Peanuts through the decades Pewter Figurines

A Charlie Brown Anniversary!

It’s a Charlie Brown Anniversary! Join the Peanuts gang as they celebrate another year of love, happiness and beagle hugs from Snoopy. Find vintage Peanuts anniversary memorabilia in our shop.
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Snoopy Plush Doll Radio

Tune in to Snoopy Radio!

Turn up the volume to eleven, Snoopy Radio is reaching out across the airwaves! Tune into the year 1985, when this Snoopy plush toy merged with an AM radio.
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Snoopy Flashbeagle Plush

Flashbeagle Snoopy

Get your hands clapping and your toes tapping! Flashbeagle Snoopy is hitting the dance floor to show off his amazing moves. Find him in our shop.
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