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Spike’s Cactus Desert Planter

Spike was looking pretty poorly after being neglected by his previous owner. However, I wasn’t ready to give up on him. After a bleaching treatment and deep cleaning, he turned from trash to treasure! This little guy needs a place to call his own among his favorite friends, the cactuses.

Creating Spike’s Planter

The cactuses I purchased from a local farmer’s market. They don’t label their plants, so I had to research what they are called. The bowl was thrifted. The rocks were found on the ground. The gravel was about the color of sand and was available locally. The soil is a basic cactus mix I could also pick up locally.

To create design, I put taller things in the back, like the Bunny Ears Cactus and the Ladyfingers Cactus. The Peanut Cactus is very floppy, so I figured it would be best just in the front. Finally, for the middle ground, the Barrel Cactus babies and a Thimble Cactus are just the thing to fill in but still see Spike playing his banjo. I chose rocks because they looked interesting, yet sort of blended with the rest of the landscape.

Spike needed just one more thing to bring the whole scene together. A little LED tea light painted black and topped with hot-glued sticks from the yard was just the thing. Now, Spike has a lovely little campfire for those long, lonely nights with his Cactus friends.


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