Snoopy Vintage T-shirt Finds

Usually, I don’t shop for vintage Peanuts clothing. It’s easy enough to buy new these days. However, lately it’s been feeling a little boring. The same, tired Peanuts clipart gets used time and time again. Vintage throwbacks are becoming more popular, but sometimes those cost just as much as an original vintage tee. It’s time for me to check out the market for vintage Peanuts shirts and see what rare gems I can find.

To check out the vintage clothing market, I went to Totally Rad Vintage Fest. This one-day show is dedicated to a vintage clothing experience. They not only have booths full of vintage shirts, jeans, accessories and knick-knacks, they also treat their attendees to some fun. They had free arcade machines, photo opportunities, places to hang out and a fun vibe all around. Definitely watch the video to see what I found how much I paid.

Where to find Vintage Clothing Online

If you want an easier shopping experience than going through racks upon racks of clothing, you can check out a variety of online marketplaces. eBay*, Etsy*, Mercari* sellers have a variety of vintage goods available. Watch out for sellers making shirts in the full range of sizes since they are most likely illegal reproductions.

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Peanuts Finds from eBay

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