Snoopy Storage Room Makeover

Good Grief! When moving into a new house, sometimes you just don’t get the opportunity to plan for the future. The future has arrived and it’s time to tame this tower of Peanuts collectibles. A Snoopy storage room makeover is needed! After clearing out the boxes, shelves are built, boxes are organized, and now the real work begins. This is the first step in the journey to share all these delightful pieces with our fellow Peanuts fans.

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Shelf Review

If you’re looking to give your storage spaces an overhaul, I’ve become a mini-expert after building fourteen shelves over the last month. The Edsal and Muscle Rack units I found on sale at Walmart, affiliate links to follow. The glorious thing was there was free shipping on these heavy units, so I didn’t need to consider any of the transport beyond getting them off the front porch. Costco also had a deal on shelving from Whalen, but they did need to be picked up from the store. Big thanks to Allen, my partner, for picking them up and carrying all these heavy shelves!

Just to clarify, all these shelves use the same basic design system. You’d think maybe they were all the same brand or made in the same factory with just slightly different finishes. The posts have keyholes and are half the height of the unit. The posts attach to each other using a post coupler, or a shelf built across the two posts, which gives you posts the full height of the unit. The shelves use z-beams with two little buttons that fit in the keyholes. Using a mallet, you hammer the beam until it is secure in the keyhole. The shelves are press board that sit on the z-beams.

My Favorite Shelves

For the majority of the project in the video, I used five Edsal units that measure 24″ x 48″ x 72″. These were terrific to put together. I also used an extra unit I purchased to add an additional shelf to the units. This allowed me to have a narrow shelf for flat items. There was some damage during shipping, but Edsal sent a replacement part for free.

Get-the-job-done Shelves

The additional two units seen in the video are by Muscle rack and measure 18″ x 36″ x 72″. While they’re the same design as the Esdal shelves, they didn’t go together quite as easily. It was becoming really frustrating. Also, one of the boxes included plastic covers for the top and feet of the shelves, but the other one didn’t. Not a huge deal, but a weird inconsistency.

As part of my storage upgrade, I also bought a Muscle Rack that was 18″ x 48″ x 72″. This was also a little tricky to build. The main problem I had with it is it doesn’t include the post couplers that make the unit 72″ tall like other Muscle Rack shelves. It wasn’t missing, it just doesn’t come with that piece of hardware. Luckily, I had extra from the shelving unit that I used for just the shelves. My best guess is you’re supposed to put a shelf in the middle to span the two post sections to hold it all together.

Finally, I built six Whalen shelves from Costco. The Whalen units are 24″ x 48″ x 72″. The basic shelf design was the same as the Edsal and Muscle Rack units, but the metal posts are constructed differently to not show the holes for a cleaner look. The pressboard shelves are encased in black laminate. The units also include plastic covers and feet for the posts, plus safety hardware to attach the shelves to the wall. They’re extremely well packaged to minimize damage and scuffs. They weren’t as easy to build as the Edsal shelves, but were easier than the Muscle Rack shelves. The main long-term problem I have with them is the fixed middle shelf. You need to have the middle shelf to secure the top and bottom together. Included are plastic inserts to help hold the posts together during the build, but they’re often too loose and it makes building the shelves alone difficult at times. Also, their build order from the instructions just makes things frustratingly difficult, so I did it my way. Beautiful shelves, but still with their downsides.

Why is shelving important?

Taking care of your collection is important. Having good shelving that won’t fail on you is part of protecting your investment. These shelves all feel very sturdy and I’m sure they’ll help organize my Peanuts collection for decades. I can’t wait to show you what’s inside them all!

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