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Peanuts Space Lander Building Bricks Sets by Linoos

Coming in for a landing! Linus is busy exploring the moon’s surface in his rover complete with camera and other tools. Woodstock is setting up home base by planting a flag in the ground. Snoopy’s keeping an eye on all the important diagnostics from the safety of his lander. Where will they go next on their journey? Subscribe to the CollectPeanuts.com Youtube channel for the next chapter. Allen and I put this together. We’ll be chatting about the NASA Perseverance Rover, our dog Molly and more. Plus, lots of laughs!

After searching for about a year, I finally found these available at the Cedar Point Theme Park’s online gift shop. If anyone has any other sources in the U.S., please reach out to info@collectpeanuts.com. I do not receive a commission and I bought the sets myself. If you appreciate videos like this, consider supporting this site.

Space Lander and Rover Review

What did I think? Overall, it was a very good product. Much like the Shuttle Launchpad, it has a lot of detail in the construction for an interesting build. This kit has a few different elements which help create more of a playset to craft interesting adventures. The pieces work with LEGO, so you can go beyond what’s available for Linoos for more adventures.

After building this kit, there were a few problems that came up again. Again, there are blocks that fall off easily. This time it was much more apparent since the annoying blocks were put on at the beginning. We ended up having to just remove them to stop being frustrated all the time. Second, problem was the lander legs. They use a black bar to connect from the base to the main body. This bar is really short and fits just enough to span the distance. This made it difficult to get things aligned and put together correctly in this delicate area. I feel like these issues could be solved through user testing of the directions to make sure it’s an easy process.

Our final “problem” was the decals. We couldn’t find them until near the end. Looking back, the Shuttle Launchpad had the decals in a bag with the pieces. However, with the Lander they were hidden in the manual. The other feedback I have is to give us more decals. There was plenty of room on the sheet to have double sided flags!

Overall, this is meant to be a kid’s toy, not a collector centerpiece. Forgive some of the foibles and have fun with it. At least all the pieces are there! If you’re familiar with the Banbao brick sets, these are very similar.

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