Peanuts Youtooz Vinyl Figures Review

Peanuts Youtooz Vinyl Figures are shipping! The collection was first released in September, 2020, and just arrived in my mailbox this week. Thanks to Youtooz for sending me a set to review and share with my fellow Peanuts fans.

If you’ve been waiting patiently to see the final results, they are now in! The first collection of Peanuts figures features Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Sally and Woodstock. Each figure comes in a clamshell, tucked in a windowed box and wrapped in a sleeve. The figures were well packaged for shipping and none of them arrived damaged. When buying collectibles, getting them in tip top condition is important!

Overall, the figures are all really well made. The painting and assembly is really well done. The material has a nice feel to it. The boxes are lovely. The outer sleeve has the character embossed with a glossy finish, contrasting with the matte of the rest of the sleeve. The windowed box is printed inside and out. The inside has a scene that compliments the character inside, making it a nice way to display your figure.

The only fault I can see is the scale. None of the figures are in scale relative to the other figures. If you want to line these up next to each other on a shelf, it might be a little oddly proportioned. If you want to pepper these throughout a display of your collectibles, no one will probably notice. It all depends on your collecting style.

If you’re excited to get these for your collection, head on over to the Youtooz shop for your favorite Peanuts Youtooz Vinyl Figures using the links below. earns a commission from each sale. Thanks for supporting this site! Learn more…

Charlie Brown is ready on the pitcher’s mound. Will he strike this next one out and win the game?

Fussbudget Lucy has something to shout about again! We’ve all had those days…

Who’s ready for a new adventure? Woodstock’s getting the energy to follow Snoopy through another of his fantasies.

Isn’t it great to be in love! Sally sure thinks so, if only she could convince Linus.

Can’t he think of anything else? Snoopy has just one thing on his mind – literally! It’s dinner, of course.

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