Snoopy Ice Hockey Game Model Kit

Snoopy Ice Hockey Game Preorder

The wait is over! Snoopy Ice Hockey Game is available for pre-order at The kit is expected to release on October 31, 2020. Thanks Great Pumpkin! Plus, you can save 10% on your order using SAVE10 coupon code. Code must be typed in the coupon box when checking out. Pick up a Godzilla and a Flying Saucer while you’re there.

What makes this kit so special? For years, it’s been difficult, and expensive, to get your hands on vintage Peanuts snap-tite models from Mattel and Monogram. Now, you’ve got the chance to experience the thrill of building your own Snoopy and Woodstock hockey pond without breaking the budget or not having all the pieces. Originally made in 1972, this revival uses the exact same molds as the original. The kit features Snoopy and Woodstock facing off on top of Woodstock’s frozen bird bath. Better yet, you and a friend can play some one-on-one hockey.

The original Monogram Snap-tite kits were released in the early 1970’s. You can find out more about the kits in our Peanuts Treasure Box video.

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