Snoopy Model Kits Return! Sneak Preview

Snoopy Snap-tite Model Kits Return! Sneak Preview

The original Snoopy Monogram Snap-tite model kits have been a favorite of collectors for years. Finding them for your collection, or just to relive your childhood, is difficult and expensive. Don’t give up! Atlantis Models is reviving two of these classic kits. Coming soon are the “Snoopy Ice Hockey with Woodstock and his birdbath” and “Snoopy and his Sopwith Camel” kits. Snoopy Ice Hockey is a two-player hockey game you can build together. Snoopy faces off against Woodstock guarding the goal. Up in the sky, it’s Snoopy in his Sopwith Camel with motorized propeller. Both kits assemble without paint or glue for a quick and fun project to build.

Excited for the release? Visit for more information. Plus stay tuned to for more information and special features.

The original Monogram Snap-tite kits were released in the early 1970’s. You can find out more about the kits in our Peanuts Treasure Box video.

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