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Snoopy Room Tour 2019

Ah, the Snoopy room! Every collector dreams of having their dedicated space to their Peanuts collection. Luckily, I was able to purchase a house with just the right place to gather my Peanuts treasures. Take a Snoopy Room Tour of the original bedroom converted for the collection circa 2009. View photos…

The Snoopy Room before renovation

Eventually, the original Snoopy Room would need renovation. My Peanuts accumulation needed storage space and the collection display needed more shelving. Plus, the bed hardly got used and guests didn’t really like waking up to one thousand Snoopy faces staring back at them. The grubby carpet and one hundred years of bad paint jobs left me with no choice but to roll up my sleeves for some DIY.

Making a Plan

The final plan for the room came down to three major factors: inexpensive, mostly one-person jobs and resale. The more I spend on my room, the less I have to spend on Snoopy. One-woman jobs means I can get as much done during the week, while my sweet boyfriend comes in on the weekends for the electrical and woodwork. Finally, while I love my house, the boyfriend has turned into a fiance and moving will be inevitable.

The shelves we made out of birch plywood. To hide all the storage, I wanted tall shelves. The room, however, has its limitations with the angled ceiling. Plus, I didn’t want the room to feel too cave-like, walled in by high shelving everywhere. The shelves are on wheels, so I can get to the boxes behind them. The light birch wood is a nice backdrop to the collectibles and works well with the wall color, palladian blue.

Keeping it Simple

To keep in budget, I saved where I could. The old shelves were reused. To hide some of the storage, I found an old shower curtain rod and paired it with a vintage Peanuts sheet. One addition I couldn’t pass up were the Peanuts cardboard storage box shelves from Sears. I got a good deal on them and they make a great distraction from my storage area.

While the beautiful blue floor looks great, it’s a bit slippery. This works great for rolling shelves, but not for sorting collectibles. The lovely rug I picked up looks like a fluffy cloud and brightens up the room.

Onwards and upwards! The final essential piece to the room is the Flying Ace Snoopy ceiling fan by Hunter. I found it on Craigslist and patiently waited many years to put this masterpiece up. The only problem is it’s just a ceiling fan. There’s no over head light in the room anymore. Whoops! Luckily, the boyfriend put in lots of new outlets for lamps.

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Snoopy Room Photo Gallery

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