Snoopy Dog Clothes from Zooz Pets Review

Tosh wearing the Yellow Charlie Brown with sleeping Snoopy T-shirt*
Tosh wearing the Yellow Charlie Brown with sleeping Snoopy T-shirt

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As Peanuts fans, we can’t help getting our pets into our Snoopy fandom. Zooz Pets is making it easier with their new line of Charlie Brown and Snoopy dog clothes and sling bags. They sent me some dog clothing samples to try out with my three dogs: Tosh, Daisy and Rosa.

My first impression on opening the packaging is how nicely made all the shirts are. Our pooch pals deserve quality materials, stitching and screen printing! I was sent two t-shirts and one hoodie sweatshirt. 

The t-shirts are made of a knit polyester and viscose blend. It’s soft, brightly colored and with a nice weight to the fabric. All the seams are well-sewn, so they’ll stand up to the movement of your pet. The screen printing has nice deep colors and hasn’t cracked from some regular wear from the pooches. 

The hoodie sweatshirt is a heavier-weight knit made of linen and polyester, which gives it a more heathered look. The hood is lined with a Peanuts comic strip fabric and has a hole in the neck for a leash.

Getting Dressed

Wearing the shirts was a little tricky. None of my models were used to wearing more than a collar. Putting them on requires a bit of paw and head wrangling. If you have the right size, it shouldn’t take too much to get them into the shirt. All of the dogs featured are wearing extra large and weigh around 50-65 lbs. Once they got into the shirts, they were able to run, jump, walk and even rollover just fine.


Dark Blue Loyal Charlie Brown and Snoopy T-shirt
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The Snoopy dog clothes are tailored so the dogs can take care of “business” outside without getting her nice shirt dirty. The clothes will not come off while the dog is wearing them and are much easier to take off than put on.

Washing the dog shirts went well. The Dark Blue Loyal shirt ended up in the wash right away because Daisy sheds. While the instructions say not to tumble dry, it accidentally ended up in the dryer with no ill effects. We’ll follow the label instructions for the others!

Hoodie Sweatshirt

Jade Charlie Brown and Snoopy Hug Hoodie Sweatshirt
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Zooz Pets offers a wide range of Peanuts dog t-shirts, dog sweatshirts and sling bags* for carrying your small dog. Also available are a variety of Peanuts dog care items* including leashes, collar, dog beds, dog bowls and more! Be sure to subscribe to for more information on when they are released. Your purchase through our links helps support and let’s Zooz Pets know you appreciate this review. Thank you!


Thanks to Tosh, Daisy and Rosa for being my models. They’ll do anything for biscuits! Thanks to Zooz Pets for making these fun photos possible!

Disclaimer: Zooz Pets provided the samples for free. The review was my own opinion of the items. If you have any questions about the product or reviews, please let me, Caren, know at

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