Snoopy Plush Heaven

More progress on the Snoopy Room remodel to share. It’s a Snoopy Plush Heaven! Half of the new shelves have been built. We made them out of birch plywood from scratch. After lots of cutting, sanding, finishing, drilling and screwing, the new shelving just starting to move into the Snoopy Room. Snoopy couldn’t wait to try out the new shelves. He and his many Peanuts friends moved in right away. Watch as they fill up the shelves.

A couple notes on the Snoopy plushes you’ll see. The first plush in the video is my first Snoopy. He’s a 1980’s Knickerbocker Snoopy who wears an old Snoopy University of Wisconsin shirt from my childhood. The huge Snoopy hugging Woodstock plush was one I found on Craigslist. A friend bought him in Missouri for me and brought him back for me. It turns heads when your passenger is a Snoopy! The giant Snoopy plush I recently found at a local antique mall. He was a terrible passenger with his floppy neck getting his head in the way of the mirror. He needs a little stuffing loving to wake him up. Finally, the last Snoopy I put out is from my fiancee, Allen. He’s been a super partner on this Snoopy Room remodel! Without him, I’d have boring old flat-pack bookshelves in here.

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