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As a collector, sometimes you have that one piece you’ve always wanted to find. You search for twenty years and finally find not one, but two! If you’ve longed for a Snoopy the Critic toy, or you’ve just fallen in love, now is your chance! My extra Snoopy the Critic Toy is available for your collection. Snoopy is wearing a sassy bow tie and Woodstock is perched in his nest, both atop Snoopy’s Doghouse. “Snoopy the Critic” is on a sign next to the pair. With just two “D” batteries, you can talk into the microphone and have it amplified by the speaker in Snoopy’s Doghouse. Once upon a time, Snoopy would applaud, but alas, time has made him a harsh critic and he no longer seems to function without repairs. Don’t pass up your chance to own this rare and beautiful Aviva Snoopy toy from 1977. Shop Snoopy Toys…

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