D.I.Y. Snoopy Shoes

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Why buy designer shoes when you can make your own! I saw these really cute shoes on Instagram, but alas, they are on the other side of the world. No doubt the shipping would double the cost of the shoes. Instead, I bought a pair of $6 canvas shoes and made some D.I.Y. Snoopy shoes. Charles Schulz’s pen lines are naturally wavy, which makes it much easier to D.I.Y., since it doesn’t need to be absolutely perfect to achieve a great look. Watch the video and learn to make your own!

How to make Snoopy Shoes

To make the shoes, I started with a pair of inexpensive canvas shoes. The template was an image I found online of Snoopy’s face and resized to fit my project. I cut out the template with an Exacto knife, just to get the sizing correct and consistent between the shoes. Also to maintain consistency, I used a ruler and a water soluble marking pen to add guides to the shoes. The center point I was using on the front sole of the shoe didn’t seem exact between the two, which is why I ended up redoing the guides. For the final product, I used a Pigma Micron pen, but any permanent fabric marking pen will work. Test your marker to make sure it won’t bleed if your shoes get wet. The Micron pen worked well. I would have loved to have multiple pen sizes, since it took a long time to fill in. I also had to work in the marking pen from multiple angles to fill the texture of the canvas shoe. (Affiliate Links)

Things I would have done differently

Wait! Since I was rushing the video a little, I didn’t wait long enough for things to dry. In the end, I had a little bit of ink running where things were just a bit damp. Oops! Once the Micron pen ink has had time to dry, then remove the marking lines with water. Other than that, I think they turned out beautifully.

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