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Is lunch your favorite meal of the day? Add your favorite beagle, Snoopy, and all his Peanuts pals to your lunch table with a vintage Peanuts lunch box. Our shop has both metal and plastic lunch boxes for your peanut butter sandwich, apple, carrot sticks and chocolate chip cookie. Add to the fun with a Peanuts Thermos flask for drinks or soup. Vintage not on your lunch menu? Give your kitchen a decor makeover by displaying vintage Peanuts items. Shop Peanuts Lunch Boxes…

Back to School! Stock up on pens, erasers, pencil sharpeners, folders and more with Snoopy Office Supplies. Don’t forget the Snoopy notebooks!

Peanuts Finds from eBay

Uncover Vintage Peanuts treasures at eBay and help support Thank you! Learn more…

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