Peanuts Nail Wraps by Jamberry Review

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My Mom and I both share a love of Peanuts. When Jamberry said they would be sending me some Peanuts nail wraps to try, I just knew I had to get my Mom involved, too! We’re not the type of gals who usually have fabulous nails. After an evening spent with Jamberry nail wraps and a jar of nail polish, we both agree Jamberry nail wraps are so much nicer than nail polish!

Neither of us had ever tried nail wraps before, so it was a new experience. Jamberry has a how-to video and written instructions to get us started. Jamberry nails require a lot of tools to make sure you get it just right, but some of them you probably have on hand. If you don’t, you can get their basic bundle kit to make sure you have everything you need. I also have their cuticle oil, to moisturize the nails and cuticles.

Mom and I first tried the Jamberry nail wraps. It seemed like a lot of steps at the time, but in the end they turned out quite nice. We both love having little Snoopy Flying Ace’s on our fingers! With practice, we both thought it would go quicker and be easier to apply. The Jamberry nail wraps worked out better on my flatter nails. My Mom’s nails are more domed which caused a few more folds along the sides. From about a foot away, you don’t notice any minor imperfections.

After experimenting with Jamberry, we tried traditional nail polish. Suddenly, all the reasons we never do our nails came flooding back. It’s hard sitting still and not using your fingers while the nail polish dries. Just when you think it’s dry, you accidentally bump it and get it all over you. You clean it up, try to cover the bad spot, and wait. Wait! WAIT! As two gals who are always doing something with our hands, nail polish is just too much mental stress. Plus, no matter how hard you try, it never seems to turn out quite right.

All in all, Jamberry is the winner when it comes to application. While it seemed like a lot to do at the time, when it was done, it was done. No waiting around patiently, wondering when it’s dry. You’re just done and ready to go. Plus, it looks great! Even with our first attempt, it still looks really nice! Getting the Snoopy look with regular nail polish would be time consuming and require amazing artistic talent. Jamberry is so much easier!

How long will your nail wraps last? After putting my nails through their paces for a week, the Jamberry nail wraps are still looking great and staying on. I’ve washed dishes by hand, cleaned the house, washed and waxed my car, plus sanded, stained and varnished woodwork. I only put the Jamberry wraps on my left hand because I knew I was going to be doing a lot more down and dirty work than they probably get put through. The nail polish is looking very sad and needs removal. The Jamberry wraps are holding up great! My index finger has suffered a bit, and I can tell on close inspection that it’s worn down on the tip. There is also a small tear in the top coat that I can feel, but can hardly see. On the edges, there’s a little bit of bubbling, but I am impressed they have clung on through so much turmoil! To wear them a week and still look this good is impressive.

Jamberry nail wraps cost more than a bottle of basic nail polish, but the final results are wonderful! Each sheet has enough for two uses. Jamberry has a variety of Peanuts designs, so it would be easy to mix and match to create your personalized look. Jamberry also carries fun colors of gel enamel and professional nail lacquer to pair with your Peanuts nail art. Jamberry products are sold through their website, or you can search for a local independant consultant for more information.

Disclaimer: Jamberry provided the sample for free. The review was my own opinion of the items. If you have any questions about the product or reviews, please let me, Caren, know at

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