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You lead a busy life! Sometimes you miss your chance to participate in the Peanuts Pen Pal exchange. Not any more! Sign-up for our Peanuts Pen Pal Exchange list to never miss a notification about the next exchange. You won’t be automatically entered for the exchange. Instead, you will receive a dedicated email notifying you about the exchange. Sign-up with the form below.

New to the Peanuts Pen Pal Exchange? Sign-up for our Peanuts Pen Pals Exchange and meet a fellow Peanuts fan. You’ll be paired with a pen pal to exchange your shared love of Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang. Greeting card exchanges are held for the Christmas/Holiday season and Valentine’s Day. E-Mail exchanges are held in late spring and early fall. Notification of the next exchange is about 2 weeks before the “pairing”.

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