Peanuts Wall Decals by Wall-Ah! Product Review

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NOTE – Wall-ah! is no longer offering Peanuts wall decals. Instead, try the personalized and official Peanuts wall decals available at Zazzle. Personalize your decal with the easy-to-use Design Tool and change the background, add a name, or rearrange elements. The wall decals are available in a variety of sizes with some designs customizable to the inch!

Get out the snacks! Turn up the music! The Peanuts gang is coming over for a party! I’m decorating my walls with Wall-Ah! Peanuts wall decals. Through the years, I’ve tried a few different types of Peanuts wall decals. What I love about wall decals is how easy they are! No nails, no holes, no “maybe it would be better on that wall” regrets. They’re versatile, easy to remove and fun!

I was excited when I found out Peanuts wall decals are available again. Wall-Ah! has a variety of fun and innovative styles for decorating your home. All of their artwork is original and available only from Wall-Ah! They were kind enough to send me a sample to try out. My only problem – choosing which of their wonderful designs to get! I finally decided on the Peanuts Gang Wall Decals. I just couldn’t pass up Frieda with her naturally curly hair (just like me!)

My Wall-Ah! Peanuts decals arrived in just a few days. The decals come in a roll in a huge box. Unrolling them was no problem and they laid nice and flat for me. The decal sheet I received was 54″ x 44″ and contained all 10 characters.

The decals were easy to get off the backing sheet. I recommend moving slowly and loosening tricky bits first, like hands, feet and hair. After the initial unsticking, those pieces will come up easier when pulling the entire character from the sheet. I was a little over exuberant and tore a bit of Lucy’s dress bow. I was surprised I didn’t have more mishaps, but the thick plastic was very durable and difficult to tear. If I didn’t tell you Lucy was slightly damaged, you probably wouldn’t notice!

Moving the Peanuts wall decals was very easy! I left them a bit loose when I first attached them to the wall, just in case I wanted to rearrange them. Even when I did stick them down harder, they still removed easily. Best of all, I didn’t have any problems with them loosening on their own and falling off! I also tried layering the wall decals, and they removed easily from each other. Some pieces, like Linus’ blanket, are in two pieces and are made to be layered.

All considered, applying the Peanuts wall decals was very easy to do! Wall-Ah recommends having two people for some decals, which I can totally understand. I tested getting two sticky sides together with excess material. While I was able to get them apart, the sticker glue was slightly damaged. Wall-Ah also includes a squeegee for removing any air bubbles as a last step for best adhesion. Before you start, I recommend vacuuming and keeping your pets out of the area! I did get some fur attached to the back, but a few stray hairs hasn’t harmed the decals.

Wall decals are the perfect solution for my old, old house. It has weird angled ceilings and plaster walls you can’t drill into for unknown reasons. Wall-ah! has a lot of great designs to spruce up the awkward spots in houses. Those boring, hollow-core slab doors? Add a Peanuts wall decal for a portal to another world. Dark basement? Add a couple windows where your new neighbors, Snoopy and Charlie Brown, stop by and say hello. Wall-ah! has designs perfect for large to small spaces.

All of the Wall-Ah! Peanuts designs feature artwork from “The Peanuts Movie”. Remember when you wanted to run off with all the decorations in the movie theaters? Now’s your chance! With these large-scale wall decals, you can really appreciate all the artistry that went into creating the characters. From the stitching on Snoopy’s collar, to the crinkles in the leather on Linus’ shoes, to the wisps of hair falling on Peppermint Patty’s face, you’ll see all the little details that made these characters a reality.

The 3-D artwork gives an added dimension to the wall decal which brings the Peanuts characters to life. Who’s that peaking out from the door? It’s the Peanuts gang! Any Peanuts fan will appreciate the variety of characters featured. You can get all the old standbys, like Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock, Linus and Lucy. They also feature Pigpen, Schroeder, Sally, Franklin, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Frieda, Fifi, Violet, Shermy and even Heather, the Little Red-Haired Girl!

Change it up! The decals are easy to remove and reuse. Swap out the summer time designs for a winter theme. Get festive and invite the Peanuts gang for your birthday party year-after-year. Some designs come with multiple pieces allowing you to transform the look of your room on a whim.

Wall-Ah! has lots more than just Peanuts! You’ll find more classic cartoon characters from The Flintstones, Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, Adventure Time, Care Bears and DC Comics. Live in the movies with decals featuring The Minions from Despicable Me, Jurassic Park, Superman and more. Keep those toys off the floor with Barbie, Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price decals. Create a personalized room with alphabet letters, headboards, doors and windows. Wall-Ah! has just what you need to transform a room into a whole new world!

Inspired to create your own Peanuts space? Visit to see their full selection of Peanuts wall decals. Each product page has multiple views of the product to help you decide what space to decorate. Check out a sampling of what’s available below and find lots more at

NOTE – Wall-ah! is no longer offering Peanuts wall decals. Instead, try the personalized and official Peanuts wall decals available at Zazzle. Personalize your decal with the easy-to-use Design Tool and change the background, add a name, or rearrange elements. The wall decals are available in a variety of sizes with some designs customizable to the inch!

Update 4/20/2017 – It’s been a few months since I put up the Wall-Ah! Peanuts decals. Recently, I decided to take them down. Not because I don’t like them, but because I wanted to return my dining room back to normal. My dining room lent itself better to photographing them. There has been no damage to my walls, no leftover residue or anything. Each decal came off easily and none of them fell down during the months I had them up. Storage on the backing sheet is easy. The overlapped pieces pull apart very easily. If you’re looking for an easy Snoopy Room Makeover, Wall-Ah! Decals are a great way to go!

Disclaimer: Wall-Ah! provided the sample for free. The review was my own opinion of the items. If you have any questions about the product or reviews, please let me, Caren, know at

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