Peanuts Colorforms – Peanuts Treasure Box

Peanuts Colorforms let your kid create new stories with their favorite characters. From the early 1970’s into the early 1980’s, a variety of sets were made with title such as “Hit the ball, Charlie Brown”, “Yankee Doodle Snoopy” and “Carry on, Nurse Lucy”. The toy consisted of small plastic pieces that “stick like magic” to a laminated cardboard background. Join the Colorforms adventures in our latest Peanuts Treasure Box Youtube video. Explore more Peanuts Colorforms in our Collection Showcase.

For more history and the process of designing Colorforms set, visit the website Mel Birnkrant, The Colorform Years.

Stay tuned! Every two weeks, I’ll be opening up a trove of Peanuts treasures to share with my fellow enthusiasts. Out of Snoopy’s doghouse will come all sorts of fun vintage collectibles with info and stories about the items. Be sure to subscribe to the Youtube channel to find out when the new video arrives.

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