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Party like it’s 1984 – Again! Did you know that 2012 has the same date structure as 1984, including the leap year? Plus, both years are Olympics years. Amazing! If you like fun random facts about the Olympics, you’ll love this 1984 Fun Facts Calendar starring all your favorite Peanuts characters. Each month hosts a menagerie of original artwork illustrating Olympic sports. Where else are you going to see Snoopy & Woodstock riding a Penny-Farthing?

Also, if you’re into recycling, or incredibly cheap (like me!), I love to just reuse those old calendars. Pull up a month with the days in the right spot, ignore the month and pick a pretty picture, you’ve got yourself a curated calendar. Plus, it drives other people nuts. A prank that keeps on entertaining, yet is practical and good for the earth (or pocket book). This works wonders with subjects you can’t get in calendar form currently, like Opus.

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