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Peanuts X Marc Jacobs

Have you loved Peanuts since the beginning? Then the Peanuts X Marc Jacobs brings back all the wonderful memories. Their designs revive the much beloved Determined Productions and Hallmark designs we grew to love through the years. Their latest release showcases the 1972 Peanuts election designs. “All the way with Snoopy” you’ll chant as he surfs across your handbag. “Get in the spirit Charlie Brown” and his broken kite emblazoned on your sweatshirt. “Lucy is the one!” declares your sassy sweatpants. “Let’s Elect Linus” brings classic Peanuts flair to your new favorite tote bag. All these designs are on a variety of Marc Jacobs signature pieces. Plus, there’s lots more for your Peanuts wardrobe including shoes, necklaces, shirts, wallets, iphone cases and more. Shop all Peanuts X Marc Jacobs and help support our site. (affiliate link) Thank you!

Interested in seeing the original inspiration for the Peanuts election designs? Experience the 1972 Hallmark Peanuts Election Posters on our Youtube Channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!


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Peanuts Finds from eBay

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