Broken Snoopy Mug Turned Plant Home

Poor Snoopy mug! He arrived broken in the mail. His poor handle shattered into pieces. Should I just write off the loss and toss it? Instead, this Snoopy mug could be used to hone my repair skills and make a new home for a potted plant.

Repairing the Mug

I use Beacon 527 glue for most of my repair jobs. However, if you need a stronger hold, I would suggest a two-part epoxy. While the Beacon 527 glue is working just great, I wouldn’t trust it to hold on a long-term, heavy use basis if you used this as a mug again. Also, if you need to repair the bowl of the mug, I suggest not using it for drinking or eating.

The real trick is getting the pieces back together just right. I keep a little Sculpey polymer clay in my toolbox for these occasions. The moldable clay stays pliable and easy to remove indefinitely. It can be reused again and again, so it’s a great tool to have on hand. First I test fit the pieces so I know what goes where. Then, I slowly put the handle back together, piece by piece. Once one piece was stable, I could move on to the next piece. Be sure to remove as much excess glue as possible when it’s still wet!

Plant Pot Mug

With my plants, I like to pot them first in a plastic liner for easy removal and cleaning of the decorative pot. The best place to find new liners? The recycling bin! The bottom of a fast food cup fit just perfect in this mug. It’s so satisfying to find just the perfect liner!

Going forward, I’d love to do more tutorials on finding ways to repair, renew and reuse vintage collectibles. I’m planning on making a work area in my garage so I have a dedicated space to work. If you’d appreciate these efforts to preserve the past, please support the site.

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