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Snoopy & Peanuts Eyeglasses from Pair Eyewear

When you buy through our links, we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Learn more.

You’ve got shirts! You’ve got jewelry! You’ve got shoes! You even have bags, jackets, hats and so much more to show off your Peanuts fandom. But do you have eyeglasses? Now you can with Snoopy and Peanuts Eyeglasses from Pair Eyewear. Support this site by using the links in this article, plus get 12% off your first pair of base frames using promo code CLLCTPNTS12.

What is Pair Eyewear?

For the budget conscious, a pair of Snoopy eyeglasses might sound beyond your means. However, Pair Eyewear makes it easy to change up your eyeglasses without the expense of a whole new pair of glasses. Choose a base pair of frames in a variety of styles and colors. Then add on cosmetic toppers in a variety of colors and styles, including Peanuts designs. The topper is quick and easy to attach to your base frame. A couple of magnets holds the topper in place. A simple and quick way to customize your daily look!

Pair Eyewear is available for adults and kids. Prescription lenses are available for both regular glasses and sunglasses. Plus, you can get progressives, blue-light filtering, readers and light responsive lenses. Toppers are available as basic frame overlays and select styles are available with sunglass lenses. For each pair of glasses sold, Pair Eyewear donates a pair to a child in need.

Peanuts Eyeglass Toppers

The Peanuts characters are available as limited edition toppers. You can find dedicated designs for a number of characters including Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock, Sally, Peppermint Patty, Franklin and Schroeder. Plus, there’s plenty of designs featuring the entire Peanuts gang and Snoopy paired with Woodstock. Pair Eyewear did have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas designs that I sadly missed out on. Fingers-crossed they have those again this year!

My Experience

I absolutely love this idea! Eyeglasses can get so expensive and changing your look up frequently is just not in the budget. Plus, there are moments where a basic look is preferable, but other times you want your personality to shine! Pair eyewear is the perfect balance. A $25-30 quick change for your eyeglasses into a brand new look? Count me in!

This is my second pair of online purchased glasses. My previous pair is from Warby-Parker. Using the Pair website on mobile, you are able to virtually try-on the base frames and see what suits your face best. It was easy to attach my prescription and use their site to determine my pupillary distance. I choose the Finley frames for my base frames.

In practice, the glasses feel great. They feel solidly built like any other pair of glasses I’ve worn. The toppers don’t feel loose and don’t add any noticeable weight to the frames. While the toppers are thin, they are flexible enough not to break easily. While I can sort of see the toppers when I first put them on, I do get used to them as I wear them. As a person who’s had to wear boring glasses most of her life, I really appreciate being able to have a fun pair of glasses!

Where to Buy

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