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Mattel’s Picture Maker Featuring Peanuts

Crayons at the ready! I’m taking some time to create art with Mattel’s Picture Maker Featuring Peanuts. The vintage 1970 toy comes with everything needed to create your own Peanuts scene. Pop your paper in the drawing board and insert the drawing card. Use a pen to trace the lines on the green drawing card, moving it down to stack each series of lines. With your Peanuts character drawn, you can create your scene using the included stencils and rubbing textures. Included are a variety of poses featuring Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus and Lucy. Plus, you have the iconic Kite-Eating Tree, Lucy’s doctor booth and Snoopy’s doghouse. With a little patience, the bodies and heads can be swapped between the characters for endless fun.

Using this kit was a lot of fun! It was easy to use and fun to create with it. I really appreciate having a tool that can create something so close to the original Peanuts characters without a lot of fuss. Being able to just enjoy creating your vision is very peaceful. If you’d like to see more creations with this tool, be sure to sponsor CollectPeanuts.com on Patreon.

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