Snoopy Surfer Original 3D Crystal Puzzle

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Hit the waves with Surfing Snoopy and his pal, Woodstock, on this delightful crystal puzzle. In addition to their puzzles of Snoopy Heart, Detective Snoopy, Snoopy with Woodstock, Astronaut Snoopy, Flying Ace Snoopy in his plane and Snoopy on his doghouse, University Games now has a Snoopy Surfer Puzzle. Read my review of the Snoopy Original 3D Crystal Puzzles…

The Snoopy Surfer Original 3D Crystal Puzzle is a good starter puzzle. While there’s no level specified on the box, the puzzle has two distinct parts making the sections easy to figure out.  Build up Snoopy and his great wave using the transparent plastic puzzle pieces shaped like traditional puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece is like two stacked puzzle pieces which creates the 3-D puzzle effect. A connecting rod holds the pieces together for easy display. The final details are added with decals on the finished puzzle. I left off the decals because I love to solve them again and again.

Building a 3-D Puzzle

Building the 3-D puzzles takes a little getting used to. At first, it can be a little tricky figuring out where to start. With traditional puzzles, you start with pulling out the edge pieces. With 3-D puzzles, all the pieces are edge pieces! Instead, I find working out which pieces are the top or bottom of the character was a good start. Just like traditional puzzles, sorting out pieces based on their location also helps. Overall, building the puzzles was challenging, but fun. Once you get the hang of building with the 3-D pieces, the puzzle starts to take shape quickly.

If you enjoy building the Snoopy Surfer Original 3D Crystal Puzzles, there are lots more to try! Along with their Snoopy Crystal Puzzles, they have a large variety of figures to build at four difficulty levels. (affiliate links)

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Snoopy Surfer Puzzle

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