The Original Snoopy Lamp Review

The Original Snoopy Lamp Review

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Snoopy brightens your day and keeps you company at night! The Original Snoopy Lamp is now available at a variety of online stores. Explore all the features that make this Snoopy lamp a wonderful bedside companion for any Snoopy fan.

At just under a foot tall, The Original Snoopy Lamp is a good sized friend for a bedside table. His hard plastic body is a lovely, solid color that gives a nice glow when lit. His black features are plastic and silicon, attached to his white body. His collar is also silicon and can be removed for personalization.

Snoopy has a steady, weighted base. The cord and light bulb are permanent fixed inside his body. There’s no easy way for kids to take Snoopy apart. Plus, no need for extension cords! Snoopy comes with a nice, long, four-foot cord.

The Original Snoopy Lamp Right


What makes him glow? This Snoopy light shines with 25 lumen brilliance from his 3 watt LED bulb. This cost-effective lamp will run for a lifetime of 35,000 hours. Snoopy casts a lovely, warm light at 3000 kelvin.

Beyond just light, Snoopy has some lovely features to suit your lifestyle. Easily accessible on Snoopy’s cord is a series of three easy buttons. First and foremost, you guessed it, is the on/off switch. In addition, you can pick your Snoopy brightness from the four presets of the middle button. Finally, you can set Snoopy into sleep mode, so he’ll turn himself off after a period of time. The buttons press with an pleasant snap so there’s no question you’ve made a selection.

My Thoughts

The Original Snoopy Lamp is a lovely companion. His warm glow is very calming and adds a little treat to any room. My Snoopy light is keeping my Peanuts books company in the Snoopy Room. I love that he’s a Snoopy LED lamp! Even after being on for an hour at full brightness, there’s minimal heat coming out of the lamp base. If you leave him on a long time, you won’t come back to a melted pile of sadness. All around, a great collectible that you can enjoy every day for many years to come. The lamp also comes with a one year limited warranty.

The Original Snoopy Lamp Review
The Original Snoopy Lamp Review


Pick up The Original Snoopy Lamp for your collection! He is available online at Walmart*, Zulily*, Wayfair*, and specialty stores. If you are interested in purchasing direct, contact Ubrite at UBrite also sells their adorable Miffy Night Lights Collection in a variety of sizes.

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