2018 McDonald’s Snoopy Happy Meal Toys

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McDonald’s has a new line-up of Snoopy Happy Meal Toys. Each clip-on toy features an aspect of Snoopy’s imagination. These seem to be releasing in many countries across the world, but haven’t hit some big markets yet. I’ll be focusing on the United States market since it’s where I live. The series is available until April 9, 2018, in the United States. If you have tips or would like to submit an article, please drop me an email at info@collectpeanuts.com. If you have questions on availability in your country, please check your local McDonald’s website. I will be updating this article as I receive more info.

Different countries are getting different Snoopy Happy Meal Toys, plus they’re being marketed differently. In the United States, the tag line for the series is “Explore the Imaginary World of Snoopy”. In other English-speaking markets, it’s “Discover the Many Faces of Snoopy.” Not available in the United States are the Joe Cool and Pirate toys. In contrast, Americans will be getting the Astronaut and Helicopter toys. There are two different Helicopter toys, depending on which market you’re in. The American version just spins its ears as it rolls, but in other markets, like Thailand and Hong Kong, he’s a roller stamper!

I’ve heard rumors of fourteen different toys, but have only seen twelve. Before you complain about getting only ten toys in your country, remember some countries are only getting four of the Snoopy toys. Common Snoopy Happy Meal toys across multiple markets are the secret agent, famous author, baseball player, basketball player, Beaglescout leader, Masked Marvel, Snoopy the Dancer and the Flying Ace.

Snoopy the Astronaut Happy Meal Toy from McDonald’s

Each toy has two pieces: the Snoopy character and the key chain. Some of the toys need to key chain to function properly, like the Snoopy Astronaut. For this reason, you may want to get certain toys brand new. Finding them complete on the secondary market may be difficult. Also included in the package was a small, cardboard disc featuring the Snoopy character and info about unlocking McPlay app features.

For added fun, the McPlay app has a variety of Peanuts-themed activities. You can “Be a Cartoonist”, “Be an Inventor” or “Be an Entertainer”. The cartoonist has pictures to color and animate. The inventor has puzzles to solve. The entertainer uses selfies to create Snoopy films. Scanning the Snoopy toys unlocks additional levels or objects in the app games. As I found out, you can scan your toy multiple times to unlock more items. The Snoopy games are limited time features, so be sure to play them before the promotion ends. The videos include my game play in the McPlay app.

Snoopy Happy Meal Toy McDonald’s Store Display

If you want more than Snoopy Happy Meal toys, there are a few extras you can get for your collection. In the United States, there is at least one Joe Cool Happy Meal box. A Flashbeagle box has been spotted in the Czech Republic and Mexico. You might not necessarily get a Snoopy box, a lot of people report getting a generic red box. Also in the United States are Snoopy-themed milk jugs and apples. Plus, if you’re lucky and a good talker, you might be able to convince a McDonald’s manager to give/sell the store display to you.

Where to find a Snoopy you can’t get? You can find Snoopy Happy Meal Toys on eBay (affiliate link). As usual, there are many entrepreneurs looking to sell what they find across the globe. You can find the 10-piece sets for $30-50. Considering a Happy Meal is $3, it’s not too much of a premium to pay if you don’t want the run around. Individual pieces are around $4-10 each. Non-toys may be trickier to get as resellers may be focusing their buying on just the toys, not the full meals.

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Snoopy Happy Meal Toy Videos

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