Live Charlie Brown Christmas Tree from Costa Farms

All it needs is a little love! Look no further for the perfect Christmas tree. Costa Farms brings you a Live Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, complete with the iconic bulb ornament. This Norfolk Island Pine is 10″ to 14″ tall and ready to join your indoor garden year-round. Let it purify your air indoors through the winter, spring and fall. In the summer, it can live outdoors in the warm summer air. Perfect for gifting, the Live Charlie Brown Christmas Tree comes with its own gift tag. Includes care instructions on the box so you’ll never have to say “I’ve killed it!”

Costa Farms was kind enough to let me share a Live Charlie Brown Christmas Tree tree with my fellow Peanuts fans. My little tree came in just a few days from Miami, Florida, to my home in Wisconsin. It weathered the bumpy journey well and looks beautiful! The pot base is packaged so the dirt won’t escape and create a mess during shipment. The tree is scented with the familiar pine smell of Christmas and is lightly glittered. The box also included a printed sheet with instructions for care. You can also get more information online about Norfolk Island Pine care at

I am really looking forward to many Christmases with my new Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! From my childhood, I remember my Grandparents’ five foot Norfolk Island Pine being decorated with a few light ornaments every year in their sun room. I love having houseplants, especially easy to care for varieties that purify the air. A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree is the perfect way to always have a Christmas tree, even when I don’t have time to decorate my aluminum tree! Plus, its small size makes it perfect to decorate anywhere in my home or spread some cheer at the office.

Where to Buy

The Costa Farms Live Charlie Brown Christmas Tree is available at Amazon Prime Members get free shipping! Send one to a Peanuts-loving friend for a gift that keeps on giving! Currently, they cannot be shipped to California, Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, Guam or Puerto Rico. California coming soon! Just a note – Snoopy is not included.

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