Sharp Dressed Snoopy

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Snoopy is all dressed up and ready to go anywhere! Join him as he rushes down the Alps in his Olympic ski jumpsuit. Watch him race in the Tour de France in his biking outfit. Snoopy travels to Spain to amaze the crowds as a matador. Up on the stage, Snoopy sings his favorite glam rock songs. No job is too big for this Beagle! He’s ready to suit up to be a fireman, doctor and a referee. Snoopy takes some time off from his busy life to go camping with his trusty sleeping bag and tent. Rained out? Snoopy has his trusty yellow rain slicker to keep him out of the weather! Take Snoopy, Belle and Woodstock on more adventures with a variety of vintage plush outfits and accessories available on in our store. Shop Snoopy Outfits & Accessories…

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