October 2015 Peanuts Collection Showcase

Click to View Peanuts Colorforms

Check out the latest collectibles added to the online showcase below of our Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Peanuts comic memorabilia.

  1. Bag Clips
  2. Colorforms
  3. Corkboards & Bulletin Boards
  4. Dry Erase Boards
  5. Keychains
  6. Knickerbocker Dolls
  7. Patches
  8. Pajama Bags
  9. Toys

These items are part of our personal collection and are not for sale. If you’re interested in purchasing a similar item, please check our For Sale section or post your want ad on SnoopyList.com.

Snoopy’s Birthday Party Tape and Book

Snoopy Story Books

Gather round for Snoopy story time! Read along and listen to Snoopy’s adventures with vintage Peanuts children’s books, available in our shop.
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Peanuts Finds from eBay

Uncover Vintage Peanuts treasures at eBay and help support CollectPeanuts.com. Thank you! Learn more...

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