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Fill ‘er Up, Snoopy!

Start your morning right with coffee and Snoopy! Find Peanuts mugs, glasses and more in our online shop.

Peanuts Treasure Box

Peanuts Christmas Village Tour

Christmas time is here! Take a tour around my Peanuts Christmas Village with Snoopy and Charlie Brown.

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August 2016 Peanuts Collection Showcase

Everything from A to Z! Check out the latest monograms, comics, footwear, planters, and toy cars added to our online Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Peanuts Collection.

Peanuts Wall Decals by Wall-Ah! Product Review

Change it up! Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang are coming to transform your home with Peanuts Wall Decals from Wall-Ah! Read our review.

Snoopy Sanity Checks

Snoopy Hat by Simon Simple

Top Dog! This Snoopy Hat by Simon Simple is listed on eBay for $92. How much would a collector REALLY pay for it? Find out at

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Peanuts St. Patrick’s Day Round-up

It’s your lucky day, Snoopy! Shop our round-up to find Peanuts St. Patrick’s Day memorabilia for your celebration.