Vintage Peanuts Socks

Vintage 1966 PEANUTS STRETCH SOCKS Beach Scence SNOOPY LUCY CHARLIE BROWN PATTY – $80. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

What girl wouldn’t want a new pair of Snoopy socks? I used to love wearing my Snoopy socks. These were before my era though. I was able to buy a bunch of them from a fellow collector, all still fresh and new like they were in 1976. What? They’re not from 1966? Of course not, and I have the JC Penny catalog page to prove it! View it on Pinterest…

The most important factor in valuation is that this is vintage clothing. Many Peanuts collectors shy away from getting too deep into collecting clothing. The sheer volume of it, coupled with the every day usage of items makes it exasperating. Then… there’s the fan factor. How do you show you’re a Peanuts fan without wearing your Snoopy socks or Snoopy shirt? Showing your love of Peanuts can trump your pursuit of perfection.

How much are Vintage Peanuts Socks worth?

Socks of this era are rare. Before I bought my massive cache of socks, I had found one lonely pair, still complete and unused. I paid $8 for them online, just because I thought it a rare example at a fairly reasonable price. I wouldn’t have paid much more. However, I can see where a nostalgia seeker might pay up to $20 for a vintage pair of socks in mint condition.

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A note on prices

When reviewing these articles, be sure to note the date. Market prices fluctuate with availability and interest in a subject. Putting a value on items can be nuanced and comes from the perspective of buying to enjoy in a collection. I also tend to be conservative with valuations to account for the ups and downs in market values. 

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