Snoopy Flying Ace in Bi-plane Musical by Schmid

Vintage 1970 United Feature…Flying Ace /Snoopy Biplane Music Box Schmid Bros – $125. Find it on eBay (affiliate link).

Buying a Snoopy Flying Ace in a Bi-plane Musical by Schmid for this price would be a great buy… if it was in mint condition. A collector might be able to forgive this piece for its signs of use and including nicks in the paint and discoloration of the stickers and Snoopy’s body. This piece has good color, all its decals and even works. But missing Snoopy’s nose? That’s a pass for me. It’s a difficult detail to replace and it really takes away from the main focal point of the musical.

How much is a Snoopy Flying Ace in Bi-plane Musical by Schmid worth?

I could see a collector maybe paying $30-50 for this Snoopy Flying Ace in Bi-plane Musical by Schmid and finding a way to repair his nose. This particular musical is a personal favorite in my collection. Especially delightful is the fact that the propeller is the crank for the music box inside. It is best paired with the matching Red Baron musical.

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