The Peanuts Gang & Nestlé Crunch

It’s beginning to taste a lot like Christmas! A Christmas care package arrived from Nestlé on my doorstep. My stockings are filled with Butterfingers, Nerds, SweetTarts and, of course, Nestlé Crunch! The candy bars are even more special this year since they feature Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang bringing joy to the holiday season.

The Nestlé Crunch candy bars are available in three sizes, suitable for every stocking size. The Crunch Miniatures are perfect for sharing with co-workers, friends and at parties. The regular-size Crunch bar comes in three different designs and the packaging doubles as a gift card holder. The HUGE one pound Crunch bar is enough to feed the entire family! Also available are Nestlé Crunch Jingles to give your candy bowl a festive look.

The most exciting news of all! The coming year will be filled with sweet chocolate over crispy rice confections and the Peanuts gang. From the Nestlé press release: “The new products will debut this Holiday season, and will be featured in multiple collections in 2015, including Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween. Nestlé® Crunch® will also be a promotional partner in a new PEANUTS movie from 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios scheduled for release November 2015.” Read more…

Special thanks to Nestlé and their partners for providing the treats and info to make this post possible! We’d love to see how our fellow fans add the Peanuts Crunch bar to their holiday celebrations. Share your photos with us on the Facebook page.

Enjoy our gallery of Nestlé treats, including photos from the VIP event starring Snoopy, Lisa Rinna and Mario Lopez.

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